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Saudi German Hospitals Group (SGH) in Saudi, For the nuerse Exellent skill

Saudi German Hospitals Group (SGH) introduced the first time in Jeddah by the Batterjee family,as known he brought Medicine to Saudi Arabia during the early 1940’s.

The first hospital build and started opening in 1988 in Jeddah thus bringing contemporary German healthcare standards to the door step of the local community. After establishing a strong reputation for its quality of care and scientific management SGH expanded to other areas of Saudi Arabia and beyond.
This Idea brought because there were large numbers of patients from Saudi Arabia going to Germany to get quality medical treatment and health care. These patients and their families found it difficulties to identify right centre for their disease ad also huge cultural and logistic difficulties.

The Batterjee family therefore decided to establish hospital in Jeddah through its strategic relationship with well known.

Saudi German Hospitals Group in Jeddah

Branches Saudi German Hospitals Group

After more than 20 years Saudi German hospital introduced in saudi by batterjee with German health care standard, now they were build another hospital in in other 4 big cities after jeddah.

That expansion in Riyadh, Madina, Asser and Sanaa.

Saudi German Hospitals Group in Sanaa :

Saudi German Hospital Group in Aseer :

Job Vacancies :

Now in this Hospital Group jeddah opening job oportunities for many position, they are:

Telephone operator (Saudi)
Cleaner (Saudi)
Laundry operator (Saudi)
Food server (Saudi)
ٌٌٌٌٌReceptionist (Saudi)
Accountant (Saudi)
Secretary / Publich relation officer
Female Secretaryٍ
Female Social Worker
Female Food Server
Female Telephone Operator
Female Accountant
Female Customer Service Staff
Female Medical Secretary
Female Receptionist
Male and Female Personnel Staff (Staff Nurse )

For more information please contact below

P.O.Box 2550, Jeddah 21461
Tel.: +966 (2) 6829000 (250 Lines)
Fax: +966 (2) 6835874/ 6905038
Email: webmaster@sghgroup.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My self junaid ansari interested to join ur hospital as a Male nurse
please cont 00919820698127

August 27, 2011 at 9:13 PM  

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