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International Medical Center, Provided Nice sallary for nurses.. Whoi want..?

About IMC

The International Medical Center originaly founded and as first investors were the Fitaihi Company under the medical and technical leadership by Dr. Walid Fitaihi, later joined by the rest of the medical team. This idea was established and conceived in 1993, and actual work on the project began in 1998

A multidisciplinary hospital to delivering a service like no other was committed by International Medical Center (IMC). One that would captivate it’s visitors and staff, engulfing them in it’s new approach to medicine and building a new culture that will take patience to grow but will soon be transmitted to future generations as the Islamic standards in healthcare.

They have 300 bed, state-of-the-art to ensure them commitment to accuracy, IMC works hand in hand with the highly acclaimed Joint Commission International (JCI)to increased of superior quality international standards. Six Centers of Excellence that houses sub-specialties that are delivered by US and Canadian Board Certified Physicians in addition to many other specialties.We call IMC as a multi-specialty hospital that features Six centers are Children’s Health, Women’s Health, Pain and Headache Management, Diabetes, Musculoskeletal, and Plastic Surgery and Dermatology.

Career Opportunities

They give very attractive salary for the nurses and full payment during yearly vacation and provided ticket return to origin country.
also for the physician, they have so many position and even 6 month vacation are available.

Consultant ICU (Job #M-15)
Consultant NICU (Job #M-20)
Consultant Emergency Medicine (Job #M-19)
Consultant Family Medicine (Job #M-18)
Consultant PICU (Job #M-21)
Consultant Neurology (Job #M-11)
Consultant Nephrology (Job #M-12)
Consultant Pulmonary (Job #M-13)
Consultant Pain Management (Job #M-16)
Consultant Interventional Cardiology (Job #M-22)

Contact Us


International Medical Center
PO Box: 2172
Jeddah: 21451
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 2 650 9000
Fax: +966 2 653 5045
E-mail: imcinfo@imc.med.sa


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