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Emirate Hosital,Prestigious Surgery Hospital in UAE

To response the customer who looking for better, Prestigious surgical hospitals, which faster and friendlier health care provider,that recently was very popular in the USA, and now these kind of hospitals are available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE.
There Hospitals are designed for surgery day cases with the flexibility of having some patients stay for 1- 4 daysonly.They proud use of endoscopes for keyhole surgery, and experienced anesthesia and nursing medical team make the customer stay safe in the Hospital, short and pleasant. have implemented a lot of the policies and procedures that are followed at the Boston University Medical School w here I trained and have modified the best practices followed in the USA so that they are suitable for this international community and the local population of the UAE in addition to their compliance with the Standards of the Joint Commission International, or JCI, the highest certification of quality which was awarded to our hospitals by the Chicago based inspectors in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Now in The Emirate Hospital looking for Female Nurse Posted for OT, Female European & Arabic nurses posted for surgical ward, and Female European beauticians or nurses with laser hair removal to employee under the Emirate hospital in Dubai and Emirate hospital in Abudhabi.
These Hospital offers Very attractive salaries for the nurses base on their experience and graduated, also they will give annual salary adjustments according to the experience and job performance.

Every year the hospital have recruited some of medical staff for different positions such as General Physician,General surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, Cardiologist, Urologist surgeon,Anaesthesiologist , Anaesthesia technician and Nurse depend on the formation vacant. With this way, the emirate hospital want to improve and provide thehigh quality surgical care in a comfortable environment for the patients.

Now Opening new branch in Dubai Marina and Khalifa city A to meet better services across the UAE.

If you interest to apply the job position, please submit or send your application to the email address bellow :

E-mail: abudhabi@emirateshospital.ae (Emirates Hospital - Abu Dhabi)
Street 13, Delma and Karama intersection, opposite to public works dept,
Abu Dhabi - U.A.E. P.O.Box 30907, Tel: + 971(2) 44 66422

E-mail: info@emirateshospital.ae (Emirates Hospital - Dubai)
Jumeirah Beach Road (opposite Jumeirah Beach Park) P.O. Box 73663, Dubai - U.A.E, Tel: + 971(4) 349 6666


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