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Thymic Recruitment Agency, Based in Shouth of Africa for Nurses and Medical Staff

Thymic Connections Recruitment Agency is one of company for Nursing and medical staffing industry, based in South of Africa and now opening branches in UK and other Europe Country.

Miriam Geraghty,as Managing Director of Thymic Connection Recruitment agency was worked in the Medical field in Saudi Arabia over 10 years ago before starting Thymic Connections Recruitment Agency . Her first-hand knowledge of the processes involved in living and working in the Middle East is what allows her to provide highly efficient, yet personalized and friendly, service to every person who deals with Thymic Connections.

If any one searching for the perfect job in one of the world´s most exciting cities, They should be talking. Thymic Connections is the leading Medical Recruitment Agency for the Middle East and recruits employee for hospitals and medical facilities in Middle East such as The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, as well as Australia, France, Belgium and South Africa.
King Faisal Hospital and research center

Theye are recruiting registered nurses, medical staff, paramedical staff and teaching staff for Excellent hospitals in Their chosen cities of operation. With over ten years' experience in the connection agency, Their success is based on a strong code of transparency, a dedication to service excellence and Their extensive international experience.
Al Ain Hospital in UAE

Their are more than just the connection agency experts. They are a team of passionate individuals, who thrive on matching top qualified candidates with the best possible positions.
this is the Vacancies By title list:

ambulatory care & outpatients
c s s d
critical care - adult & paediatric
emergency medical services
infection control
laboratory staff
maternal & child
medical imaging

National Guard Hospital in Dammam KSA

medical oncology nursing
medical secretaries
nursing administration
nursing education
nursing management
nutrition & dietetics
occupational therapy
paediatric cardiology
recovery room
speech therapy
surgical nursing
other employment

And below are their branch to contact them:

South Africa (Cape Town)

For reliable, personal and efficient service, call us to discuss your needs.

Telephone: +27 (0)21 782-6753
Fax 1: +27 (0)86 540-7978
Fax 2: +27 (0)21 782-7958

Postal Address:
PO Box 43926
Fish Hoek
Republic of South Africa

Physical Address:
4 Essex Court
2 Central Road
Fish Hoek
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa

Email: miriam@thymic.co.z

Great Britain
Contact details:
Thymic Connections UK
35A Alexandra Road
Tel: +44 794 359 6799
Email: thymic-europe@skynet.be

for more informations apply and send email consultant multilingual Christine Deroo +33 6 42 37 77 92 ou envoyer un email thymic-europe@skynet.be

TAX-FREE Salary...
+ FREE Accommodation
+ FAMILY Benefits
+ FREE Flights
+ FREE Transportation
+ FREE Medical & Dental Care
+ Paid Annual Leave

email: home@fitzhenry.ie
Tel: 086 844 1222

Belgium and Nedherland

send email to Chris for more informatie of nurses jobs Vacancy.

Adres: Kortrijkse Heerweg 102,
8540 Deerlijk, Belgie

Telefoon: 0032 (0)47 4528589

Email: thymic-europe@skynet.be


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